Terms & Conditions


The conditions for Next Day Painting to “begin painting the next day” are defined by and/or subject to but are not limited by the following: Only residential painting projects, no HOA review is required for color approval, the customer approves the estimate and signs the agreement of sale at the initial estimate appointment, the customer places a 30% down payment at the initial appointment, the customer has paint colors selected prior to the initial appointment and approves the colors at the initial appointment, the 3 day right of recession has expired in accordance with Ohio’s Home Solicitation Sales Act (R.C. 1345.21), the painting commencement date does not fall on a weekend or holiday, the weather conditions are suitable for painting, and there are no circumstances that Next Day Painting deems in its sole discretion to be outside of its control in order to begin painting.  


In a desire to care for our customers and provide the highest quality service Next Day Painting offers a limited two-year warranty to our original customer from the date on the original Contract.  The limited warranty covers the labor to perform repairs from peeling or blistering paint due to defective workmanship, for work provided by Next Day Painting as part of the Contract.  For the warranty to be valid the customer must: be the original customer, paid the full contract price, retained a copy of the original contract, show evidence of payment in full, pay for all materials used to perform the repairs.  Warranted repairs will only be performed on the specific areas where peeling or blistering paint has occurred.  

This limited warranty does not cover:  any work where the customer supplied the paint, any work not performed by Next Day Painting, the cost of paint to perform repairs, galvanized metal surfaces, varnished surfaces, any horizontal surface, defective paint, exact paint match, cracks in drywall or plaster or wood, ordinary wear and tear, abnormal use or misuse, peeling of paint existing prior to the work performed in the Contract, any damage resulting from settling or movement, moisture damage or rust, bleeding knots, nail or screw pops, abrasive or mechanical or chemical damage, peeling or blistering or chipping caused by mill-glazing from smooth cedar, causes beyond the control of Next Day Painting.

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